Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery

Any serious infection, injury, or medical problem may require surgery. This consists of repairing tissue through incision and stitching. Surgical techniques have advanced to the point where lasers or ultracisions can be substituted for scalpels in creating incisions. At the Warner Plaza Medical Clinic in Woodland Hills, Dr. Issam Khafaja and his team are skilled in minor surgery procedures, their credentials in this field are certified by the American Board of Internal and Geriatric Medicine.

Minor surgery is performed for injuries that do not require anesthesia or respiratory applications. The procedure involves the use of incisions with instruments, which are performed to repair tissue or isolate a disease in the body.

A number of conditions can be treated through minor surgery, these include skin tags, cyst, abscess, warts, mole removal, verrucae, genital warts, burns, laceration, spider veins, and more. The procedure is generally pain-free, as only a minimal level of surgical incision is required.

Before you opt for a minor surgery treatment, it is essential to conduct a full examination of your body to determine if the condition requires more serious attention. If any risk of malignancy occurs, you can visit a cancer specialist or local hospital.

If you experience a medical problem that you believed can be resolved through minor surgery, please walk in to our clinic for urgent care.