Blue Shield

The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is home to a group of doctors who provide some of the most extensive urgent care services in the Woodland Hills area. Our office happily accepts numerous PPO and HMO insurance options to serve every patient that requires high quality medical care. We work closely with Blue Shield to provide the best experience for covered patients.

For patients covered by Blue Shield, there are numerous supplemental plans available according to their unique needs and situation. Patients new to Medicare can also receive lower monthly rates that accrue over $15 per month in savings.

The supplemental plans provided by Blue Shield includes Plan A, Plan C, Plan F, and more. Plan A is the basic form of coverage, this includes copayments and coinsurance from expenses identified by Medicare Part A and B. Plan C covers deductibles from Medicare Part A and B, as well as copayments, skilled nursing facilities, travel emergencies, and coinsurance.

Plan F is among the most popular choices for patients. This plan includes coverage for deductibles recognized by Medicare Part A and B. Additional expenses covered include copayments, coinsurance, skilled nursing care, foreign travel, and extra charges from Medicare Part B.

At the WHMC, we take all the necessary steps to ensure your medical experience here is unaffected by financial complications. If you need the most effective urgent care, we are consistently available to meet your needs.