Blue Cross

Based in the area of Woodland Hills, the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is passionate about helping patients enjoy prompt and effective medical care. We accept numerous PPO and HMO insurance plans to make urgent care an opportunity for the patients who need them. One of the plans we accept includes Blue Cross.

If you enjoy coverage under Blue Cross, you can receive a number of health benefits. To apply for the plan, you must have a renewed contract with Medicare. This is an HMO plan that allows you to cover expenses from hospital and medical care services.

You can also receive emergency care from various campus-based medical centers, including the ones administered by the University of California. At the WHMC, we work with health insurance firms to further optimize your financial plans. Blue Cross provides coverage to all treatments at our office, including TB testing, pink eye, spider bites, minor surgery, cardiology, flu shots, etc. The results we have delivered continue to exceed the expectations of patients.

If any medical concerns arise, you are more than welcome to contact or visit our walk-in clinic. We look forward to taking care of your needs.