At the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic, our office accepts a number of insurance plans and payment options to ensure medical care is attainable for our patients. We accept various plans from Health Net, Cigna, Medicare Insurance, Worker’s compensation, and more.

Under our flexible financial structure, you can opt to receive the highest quality of care with our most talented doctors. If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical situation that requires urgent care, your needs are handled first before your financial options are addressed. We work with the utmost dedication in ensuring WHMC is the emergency health care provider you can depend on no matter what your financial needs are.

If you experience an injury or medical emergency that occurred in your workplace, we are open to having your care financed by worker’s compensation. Dr. Khafaja and his team profoundly focus their efforts on helping you maneuver through a medical emergency and emerge in better health than ever.

Our staff is well versed in the financial matters of the medical field. You are welcome to call us to learn about any additional plans accepted by our office.