Flu Shot

Flu Shot

A flu vaccination is one of the most effective methods of prevention against the disease. If you are experiencing symptoms that may indicate a flu, please call our staff at the Warner Plaza Medical Clinic. We can prescribe antiviral medicine that will minimize the extent of the virus and shorten the length of time that you are sick.

Flu viruses frequently circulate around the nation and can be serious enough to cause death. This is why receiving an annual flu vaccine is essential to patients who want to remain protected from the virus.

Traditional flu vaccines protect against three viruses, including H1N1, H3N2, and influenza B. The standard doses of the vaccine involve the injection of an egg-grown virus into your skin, which activates your immune system. These are generally approved for children over the age of six months. For adults, the standard dose trivalent shot utilizes viruses grown in cell culture.

A flu vaccine is especially important for people who have a high risk of developing complications with the flu, are pregnant, younger than 5 years, or have medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and chronic lung disease.

The ideal time period to receive a flu vaccination is by October. Up to two weeks may be required for the immune system to be fully activated to protect against viruses. Earlier vaccinations are more recommended to ensure to virus isn’t spread throughout the local community.