Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Muscle sprains, cuts, and fractures are frequently encountered by both athletes and those who exercise daily. Your body consists of different muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold the joints together, which allow you to move. Injuries to these areas can affect your structural and physical functions.

Sprains are a frequent injury that affects the ligament. This can be caused by excessive stretching or tearing of the ligament muscles. Symptoms of a strain include pain, swelling, bruising, muscle spasms, inflammation, or ramping. They can be treated by resting frequently and applying ice on the affected area. The feet can also be elevated and wrapped with a bandage if swelling exists.

Another injury that affects your skin is a cut. This can occur in various situations, whether you are playing sports or cooking dinner. Treating a cut effectively first involves rinsing the damaged area with cold tap water. Wrap the area with a bandage or compression if bleeding occurs. If the cut is deep and may require stitches, it is recommended to go see the doctor. The Warner Plaza Medical clinic is a walk-in center in Woodland Hills that offers comprehensive care for serious cuts and abrasions.

A fracture refers medically to a broken bone and they are a common occurrence, a patient generally experiences two cases during their lifetime. The risks of experiencing a fracture depends on your age, complicated injuries are more likely to happen as you age. This is because your bone becomes more brittle as they grow with your body. Serious fractures require prompt treatment or damage to the blood vessels or nerves may result.

If you experience an accident that results in a fracture, you can find prompt aid at our walk-in clinic.