About Us

If you are experiencing a medical situation that requires urgent attention, the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is ready to assist with the utmost passion. Urgent care involves providing patients with effective medical attention in a dedicated facility.

At the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic, we value your time and ensure your needs are handled in the most prompt and effective manner. Under our urgent care, we treat issues such as breathing difficulties, back problems, fever, vomiting, bleeding, cuts, severe colds, etc.

Our medical clinic provides a range of amenities and benefits that include walk-ins, same-day appointments, immediate medical attention, and more. We do not require referrals and our care can be financed through most insurance options. Our office is open from 8 AM to 8 PM, over seven days a week throughout the year, to ensure you have consistent access to emergency care. If you’re looking to entrust your health to an experienced urgent care center in the Woodland Hills area, then the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is your best choice.